A downloadable game

Roguefort is a game centered around the players journey through Mystholme, the afterworld of the Zephyrs.

In story mode, find out the reason why you've arrived on Mystholme. Fight your way through several dungeons where you will take on the deities that run Mystholme.

In multiplayer, team up with friends to conquer co-op challenges, race one another to see who can complete dungeons first, or switch it up and play together in Dungeon Master mode where one player sets up enemies and traps for the other players!

Right now, the game is in the prototype stage, but we have planned several features to create a fun and dynamic experience, such as:

  • Play with your friends or compete against them in cooperative or competitive mode.
  • Dungeon Master Mode! Play as a dungeon master to setup obstacles while your friend attempt to make their way through your dungeon!
  • Super Dungeons. Dungeons crafted so that you can gather entire servers of people to defeat tough bosses for rare items.
  • Create your own levels and add enemies using our built-in mod API.

Development log